How I learned to focus when I felt hopeless

learning to focus

I have had a lot of difficulty with focus since childhood. I actually believed I was incapable of focusing. Because I could not focus I was often very frustrated. I felt really bad about myself. Wondering what was wrong with me and why I could not just focus for long periods of time. I genuinely … Read more

Prioritizing: The Pathway to effortless productivity!

Prioritizing requires time management

Prioritizing is not a skill many people possess naturally. Yeah, I caught you, you thought this would be effortless! But do not fear! Prioritizing will be less effort than how much time you spend thinking about the thing you need to do only to not do it. Prioritizing comes in because many people struggle with … Read more

11 Ways to increase your productivity and find your motivation​

We all have moments where we feel a little less than motivated to work on goals. The excuse to work might be exhaustion. You could be thinking I really need a nap and a large margarita. Perhaps you would rather be doing anything else but the task at hand. You might rather be on vacation. Possibly the task at hand is unattractive