Identifying Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive distortions

Distressing thoughts occur from time to time. When people get stuck in the same thought patterns, these thought patterns can lead to distressing feelings. These thinking patterns can then lead to negative beliefs about themselves and others. These thinking patterns are considered cognitive distortions. If you are familiar with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy you may have … Read more

What is a perfectionist? And how do you identify a perfectionist mindset?

being a perfectionist

Some people believe that in order to be a perfectionist your life must be perfect. However, many perfectionists’ lives are not perfect. They might think people who have imperfect lives are not perfectionists. A perfectionist is a person who consistently finds fault in their lives. They might lament on how their life is not perfect … Read more

How to Deal with Unrealistic Expectations

unrealistic expectations

I love therapy. This week I have been working with my therapist to determine how to get myself motivated to work on tasks. One thing that I realized that was getting in my way was my high expectations. These expectations were honestly unrealistic. I was upset that I did not have the perfect niche to … Read more

Guide to become more self-aware

becoming more self aware

One of the best practices for becoming more productive is to become more self-aware. Most people have a hard time recognizing their thoughts. This is because it requires effort. Ignoring subconscious thoughts takes little effort. So what is self-awareness? Self-awareness is the ability to assess one’s self. This skill will allow you to assess your … Read more